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      • LIVE Monthly Webinar on an ADHD-Friendly topic (recordings available in the member portal, so you can still get the info if you can’t join the live webinar)
      • LIVE Monthly Body Double session
      • Growing library of videos on various ADHD-Friendly topics
      • Member dashboard where you can cancel your subscription in just a few clicks! (We hope you won’t need this option- but we knew it wouldn’t be very ADHD-Friendly if you couldn’t cancel your subscription as easily as you signed up for it!)
      • No long-term commitment
      • Much more as we continue to grow (while your monthly membership fee remains the same!)
      • Our aim is to under-promise and over-deliver. Are you ready? We are!!

Access to our LIVE monthly events including webinars and body doubling sessions, as well as a growing video library with ADHD-friendly topics from time management, planning and prioritizing, to Boundaries, Perfectionism, and so much more!

Join us as we grow… we are just getting started!

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