has Launched! New Site focuses on 3 Things: ADHD-Friendly Content, Products and Services

May 10, 2022 has launched! has launched! I am so excited to share that my new website ADHD-Friendly website (conveniently named is finally finished. In this blog I will share a brief description of several of the sites new pages and details on how they were designed with an ADHD-Friendly lens.

Before I jump into the tools and resources available on my new site, I want to begin by explaining the inspiration for my home page. As a visual thinker, I saw an image of a roadmap in my mind and tried to draw it to share with my web designer. Some artistic ability would have been helpful, but having the ability to see my vision, she took my concept and turned it into a reality.

Now what I only envisioned is an active, navigable tool on my home page. You can chart your course by clicking on any of the “stops” along the road. I invite you to check it out and notice if it is ADHD-friendly for you (I hope it is!).

Here are Some Highlights of the New ADHD-Friendly Site:

  1. New FREE PDF Mini-POM is available on my site. Simply register to receive it and it will be sent directly to your email inbox. I designed the Mini-POM to support anyone to begin creating their Personal Owner’s Manual (POM). Because I know how challenging it can be to start, my goal was to remove as many obstacles as possible and provide a roadmap to begin. Included in this FREE resource are three essential tools for all Personal Owner’s Manuals.
    1. The first is a Success Journal. Because our brains are wired for negativity, it is important to begin with a tool to focus on the positives throughout the day.
    2. Next is an ICNUP (Interest, Challenge, Novelty, Urgency and “Sometimes” Passion) tool inspired by the work of Dr. Bill Dodson.
    3. Finally, there is a Rewards Menu. I came across a saying a few years ago that resonated with me, “Rewards/Incentives are the secret to succeeding with ADHD.”
    4. Click here to get YOUR Mini-POM:
  2. Free Resources: One of my priorities when designing my new site was to have a way to share free resources with more ease. There are many already here, and with this process now streamlined, there will be more added. Some examples of the free tools already available include:
    1. Informative blog posts (like this one!)
    2. Downloadable PDF tools for your ADHD Toolbox (including the FREE Mini-POM mentioned above)
    3. Information on courses, groups and offerings
    4. Podcast episodes (new episodes are released every Friday- more details below)
  3. ADHD-Friendly Shop: Next to the home page, this is the page of my website that created the most tech challenges. It isn’t exactly where I want it to be yet, but it is a foundation I am able to build upon.
    1. Coach and Client POM (Personal Owner’s Manuals) are available to purchase as digital downloads
    2. Amazon Shop with ADHD-Friendly products to support time management, planning and organizing
    3. Check out the shop here:
  4. ADHD Friendly Podcast: New episodes are released every Friday in both audio and video (YouTube) formats. Topics are focused on creating more ease through sharing ADHD-Friendly tools, resources and the latest research to support ADHD. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel, ADHD Friendly Podcast with Patty Blinderman
    1. I also recorded a podcast where I talk about the 4-month process of creating my new site- starting with a an image I saw in my head of a roadmap- to an interactive roadmap that welcomes you on the home page!
    2. Click here to check out the ADHD Friendly Podcast:

The site is always being updated and improved, so please check back often for new offerings, products and free resources!

And, if something on my site is NOT ADHD-Friendly, please let me know. When I know better, I can try to do better. Thank you!

Written by Patty Blinderman

To create content focused on leveling the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Patty shares research as well as tried-and-true practices and her own experiences in the hopes that it makes your life a bit more ADHD-friendly!

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