Thrive with ADHD Coaching with Patty

Level-Up Your ADHD Brain!

ADHD impacts our Executive Function skills (time management, planning and prioritizing, sustaining attention, managing emotions, etc.).

Level the playing field by strengthening your ADHD knowledge-base!

Understanding your ADHD is a game-changer! 

  • If you don’t know your strengths and challenges, you will continue to make the same mistakes.

  • If you’re struggling to figure out what does work for you- this group is designed to do just that.

Do you need to upgrade YOUR “operating system” to THRIVE with ADHD?

Coach with Patty and discover ways to level the playing field to start THRIVING with ADHD

(Individual and Group Coaching offered)

  • ADHD knowledge (when you know more, you can do more).
  • Executive Function Skills- what they are and why they are key to thriving with ADHD.
  • Tools and Templates to build a Personal Owner’s Manual to support yourself to THRIVE.

Build your self-efficacy!

One of the biggest challenges with ADHD brain-wiring is that we know what to do, and often how to do it, but we still aren’t doing “it.” Coaching with Patty focuses on the positives- includng creating awareness around your strengths and challenges and then using that awarness to begin creating positive habits that will support building new neural pathways. Human beings are focused on the negative- together we will target that challenge and identifies ways that work for ADHD brain-wiring.


    • Capture evidence of your strengths and successes.
    • Build new neural pathways through positive connections and practices.

Interested in Group Coaching?

My group program includes:

Six Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (one-hour each session)

  • Week 1: ADHD Foundations and the “Big 3”
  • Week 2: Executive Function Skills
  • Week 3: The Importance of Focusing on Positives and Successes
  • Week 4: Strengths and the importance of  Capturing Evidence of YOURS!
  • Week 5: Habits- and strategies to form them with ADHD
  • Week 6: Celebrations and Structure to Continue Building on Them

Connect with Other Adults (you are not alone!)

  • Learn from other participants
  • Share what works for you (it just might help other group members!)
  • Join your tribe

Your Commitment During the Six-Week Group:

  • Participate in the six weekly group coaching sessions (one-hour each)
  • Engage in a Daily Success Practice (capture 3 successes per day in a journal) 
  • Capture evidence of your strengths throughout the six weeks


Thrive with ADHD Live Coaching Group

There is power in accountability! The American Society of Training and Development found that 95% of people are likely to meet goals when they build in ongoing meetings with others to check in on their progress.

Groups are limited to 12 participants.

Groups will meet with Patty 6 weeks. Date TBD

Total Investment in the 6-week Thrive with ADHD Coaching Group: *$595 

*Next Group Dates TBD


Individual Coaching

Interested in individual coaching with Patty to build your Personal Owner’s Manual (POM), strengthen your awareness of ADHD or to build structures and routines to support reaching your goals with more ease?

Patty currtently only offers individual coaching for adults and college students.

Go to the “CONTACT” page and complete the contact form for Patty’s availability and informaiton on how she structures her coaching practice. 


Are you ready to thrive with ADHD? 


“The world gives out the wrong owner’s manual to people with ADHD.”
–Dr. William Dodson, M.D.

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