Introducing the ADHD Friendly Podcast and YouTube Channel

Oct 29, 2021

Introducing the ADHD Friendly Podcast and YouTube Channel

I finally started my podcast, called ADHD Friendly. It has been a long time coming, but as I did with my newsletter, I am simply allowing myself to begin where I am with what I have so I can share information that will hopefully make your life a little more ADHD-Friendly!


Making things ADHD Friendly is a big part of my mission. I look through my ADHD-Friendly lens, and if something doesn’t work well for ADDers, I love tweaking it to make it more ADHD-Friendly.

I have wanted to host a podcast on how to make things ADHD-Friendly for years and creating the first two podcast episodes has definitely been a challenge.

Since I had no knowledge of how to make a podcast, I needed to create an ADHD-Friendly process. I had tried the “learn everything you can before you start” route, and that definitely didn’t work! So, I gave myself permission to let go of perfectionism, move outside my comfort zone, and get started.

The ADHD-Friendly way is often to simply start, knowing we will do the best we can with what we know and what we have. That’s what I did. The first 2 episodes definitely aren’t perfect, but I learned a lot and the information is now available to you, so I’m excited!

As I learn more and as the process becomes even more ADHD-Friendly, I might even come to enjoy it enough to continue doing it. 🙂

I hope the topics will interest and support you in making your life a little more ADHD-Friendly.


“Practice and tomorrow you’ll be better than today.”

~ Unknown

I heard this on a children’s program years ago and have no idea which show it was, but it is a mantra I use when I am doing something new/scary. Definitely feels appropriate as I have been starting my ADHD Friendly podcast! I hope you will check out my first 2 episodes on Youtube (ADHD Friendly Podcast) and maybe even subscribe to my podcast!

Written by Patty Blinderman

To create content focused on leveling the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Patty shares research as well as tried-and-true practices and her own experiences in the hopes that it makes your life a bit more ADHD-friendly!

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