Is your 2022 Soaring? Turbo Charge it with a 7-Question Mid-Year Check-In

Jun 1, 2022

Is your 2022 Soaring? Turbo Charge it with a 7-Question Mid-Year Check-In

I always struggle to remember the goals I set for myself in January, so I created a prompt to remind me to check in with them in June. Because I have found this so helpful, I do this with my Club POM (Personal Owner’s Manual) Group every year and am now sharing the process with you in the hopes it creates more ease for you to end 2022 celebrating reaching your goals.

Word of the Year:

I love having a “theme” for the year. Identifying a “Word of the Year” is a fun way to stay connected to your theme. Some of my past one-word themes have been: Brave, Balance, Zest, and this year’s theme was Time. I say “was” because that word didn’t end up resonating with me the way I thought it would. So, as part of my mid-year check-in process, I changed it.

My new word is “22”, as in “22 in 2022.” I have a list of things I am trying to accomplish in 2022 and have structured them with the “22” in 2022 to create interest and structure. For example, I have a goal of having 22 social outings in 2022. I have a list on which I am tracking this, and I have built in rewards to keep it sparkly.

I was inspired to put the “22 in ’22” structure around my goals from listening to one of my favorite podcasts: Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Check it out here:

Would a “Word of the Year” work for you? If so, what one-word theme would you choose, and what prompt will you need to remember it? (For example, I have a page titled “22 in 2022” hanging on my bulletin board that I see every time I walk by it.)

Goals, Intentions and Aims, Oh My!

As an ADHD Coach, I know individuals with ADHD can be very sensitive to language. The words we use can pull us towards things or push us away from them. The word “goal” is definitely a great example.

I have worked with many clients over the years who really disliked the word “goal,” but were OK with words like “intentions,” “aims,” or “plans.”

If this is true for you, I invite you to explore what word you connect with, so the word doesn’t get in the way of identifying what you would like to accomplish in 2022.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Setting Intentions for the 2nd 1/2 of 2022

If deciding what you want to accomplish before the end of 2022 is difficult, I have a few questions to help you pin down your priorities. As you read through them, I invite you to rate each on a scale of 1-10.

  • How are you doing with your physical health?
  • How are you doing with your sleep?
  • How are you doing with your diet?
  • How are you doing in your personal life (prioritizing time for hobbies, etc.)
  • How are you doing in prioritizing time for fun and play?
  • How are you doing with your finances?
  • How are you doing with your social connections?

Look at the numbers you chose when rating each question.

  1. Can you give yourself permission to focus on just ONE of these areas?
  2. What “One Thing” would impact several areas?

I have a podcast episode on this topic if you would like to hear more. It is episode #36:

Setting aside 5-10 minutes to get out of the weeds and up in the lookout tower can create space for perspective, to reconnect to your vision and dreams and to realign your path so you are headed in the direction that will get you there.

Written by Patty Blinderman

To create content focused on leveling the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Patty shares research as well as tried-and-true practices and her own experiences in the hopes that it makes your life a bit more ADHD-friendly!

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