Patty shares what a Personal Owner’s Manual is and why it is a powerful tool to support ADHD.

A Personal Owner’s Manual (POM) is a tool to capture what works for you so you can use it when you need it. It is tailored to your unique brain because you create it!

When you purchase a new car, vacuum cleaner or coffee maker, you receive an owner’s or user’s manual. The manual for my car is 708 pages long and includes instructions on how to start it, safely operate it, and detailed procedures for care and maintenance.

Even in my car’s manual there is a disclaimer that reads,”Please note that this manual applies to all models and explains all equipment, including options. Therefore, you may find some explanations for equipment not installed on your vehicle.” Yup! That’s true for my brain too! We need a manual that is customized for the equipment “installed” in our brain.

If you are tired of trying to make what works for everyone else work for you, it is time to create a POM for yourself! 

I offer several paths to support you to create a POM:

  1. I offer groups, courses and workshops (click here to learn more)
  2. If you just want a quick guide to get started, I have that right here. Click the link below to receive your Mini POM. 

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Examples of Personal Owner’s Manuals:

“My POM is a life-changing tool!”

Bonnie, CA

“I literally don’t know how I got along without a POM for so long. It is the most powerful tool in my toolbox!”

Brian, IL

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