Adults and College Students impacted by ADHD and/or

Executive Function Challenges

We offer webinars/workshops, online courses, coaching, and live group programs.

Webinars & Workshops

Check out our workshops and webinars designed to support various areas of ADHD management.

Online Courses

Designed to level the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Courses for adults, coaches and clients offered.


Individual and group coaching focused on building structure and routines, including creating a Personal Owner’s Manuals targeted at supporting individuals impacted by ADHD.

Webinars & Workshops

Client POM Course

(Personal Owner’s Manual)


A Client POM is designed

for clients to use with their coach!

Created by Patty Blinderman

Mini- Personal Owner’s Manual (POM) Course


Need more support to create your POM?

This course is designed to compliment the Mini-POM.

Created and led by Patty Blinderman

Coaching: Individual and Groups

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Thrive with ADHD Coaching

Newly Diagnosed? Diagnosed years ago, but still struggle to understand how it shows up for you and how to support yourself? ADHD impacts Executive Function (EF) skills like Time Management, Planning and Prioritizing, and Managing Emotions. Individual and Group coaching offered to support building EF skills as well as strategies to build scaffolding around your weaker skills in order to level the playing field and THRIVE with ADHD!

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ADHD Personal Owner's Manual (POM) Coaching Group

Tired of doing things the way that works for others but doesn’t work for you? In this 8-week group you will discover YOUR way AND create an Owner’s Manual to capture it in. This is the ADHD-Friendly way to thrive with ADHD!

“The biggest step is to unlearn everything everyone told you how to do in your life.
You have to do it your way.”

~William Dodson, M.D.

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