See Why April Fool’s Day is NOT ADHD-Friendly and Hear ways it can Impact ADHD Tolerations

Apr 1, 2022

See Why April Fool’s Day is NOT ADHD-Friendly and Hear ways it can Impact ADHD Tolerations

I have never been a fan of April Fool’s Day.

It has always been a day that required more energy for me to tolerate it. So, I realized it is a perfect opportunity to share some information on tolerations and a tool to support yourself when managing them.

Apparently April Fool’s Day started back in 1852, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The new year in the Julian calendar began on April 1, but with the switch to the Gregorian calendar it began on January 1. Those who were slow to hear about the change and continued to celebrate the new year on April 1 were called “April fools.” April Fool’s Day antics continue today with pranks involving individuals and companies. One famous company prank happened in 1998 when Burger King announced they had a new “left-handed Whopper” and countless customers came in asking for one. As a child I was pretty gullible, so I fell for a lot of pranks and came to dread April 1. There were even years I stayed home from school to avoid any “jokes” aimed at me.

Tolerations: By definition, tolerations are things that drain your energy. Tolerations can fall into several categories, including:

  • People (family members, neighbors, friends, etc.)
  • Repairs needed (lightbulb out; squeaky door, etc.)
  • Work (tasks you don’t enjoy/aren’t good at, technology challenges, etc.)

Patty’s Tolerations Tool: When I was leading coach training courses, one of the classes was focused on tolerations. I created a tool called “Top 5 Tolerations” to support my students to notice what they were tolerating and to identify ways to manage them. What are your top tolerations (ie: what is draining your energy). Remember- you have to “Name it to Tame it!”

Written by Patty Blinderman

To create content focused on leveling the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Patty shares research as well as tried-and-true practices and her own experiences in the hopes that it makes your life a bit more ADHD-friendly!

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