ADHD-Friendly Planner Course

The ADHD-Friendly Planner course includes a downloadable PDF of the ADHD-Friendly Planner, along with the on-demand course.

The course modules will guide you through using the planner to plan your months, weeks, and days in ADHD-friendly ways, allowing you to stay organized and focused on what matters most.

The course is structured into individual segments to plan your month, week or day. Take the entire course at once, or just the part you need. Revisit to use the structure to continue building your habit around monthly, weekly and daily planning!

The planner is laid out so you can print an entire month of planning tools at the click of a button. You can also print individual tools to plan your month, your week, and your day anytime!

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a more structured, fulfilling life with our ADHD-Friendly planner and course.

Purchase Options

Stand-alone Course or Membership

Self-study course complete with a planner, videos and information for effectively planning your month, week and day.

ADHD-Friendly Membership where you can access this course and many other great features of the membership @ $49/month

“I’ve learned a lot and gained so much from the structure (in ADHD-Friendly) and from you! I was enrolled in a lot of classes and put the others on hold because the way you do things works better for me. I am doing more with ADHD-Friendly because you are helping to make ‘doing things’ sparkly!”

Donna, CA

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