How are you “spending” Leap Day?

Feb 23, 2024

It’s almost Leap Day… How will you “spend” it?

  • I only like Daylight Saving Time in the fall when, like most of the country, I turn my clocks back and gain an “extra” hour. However, that is offset by the hour I lose each spring when we all turn our clocks forward. (Separate note: when will we stop this madness?!)That may help explain why I love Leap Day so much. We get an extra 24 hours without a future cost, i.e., we don’t lose a day the following February. I call Leap Day “Bonus Day.” It feels like a gift. Every four years we get an extra day built into the end of February. 2024 is a Leap Year! Leap Day is on Thursday, February 29!How will you “spend” YOUR Leap Day? I say “spend” because I see how we use time as a choice. By asking myself, “What will I do with my ‘bonus’ day?” I have more energy to explore my options for that time. 

    While it may not look or feel different from any other day, Leap Day only occurs once every four years. For me, that makes it “sparkly,” and I love to explore ways to use that “sparkle” to support my ADHD-brain wiring.

    In exploring my options, I thought of all the things that I need to do and could accomplish on Leap Day. Then I realized that many of my clients struggle to do the same things I struggle to get done. 

    While my dream had been to offer an all-day workshop, I realized I only had 90-minutes available on Leap Day to offer something live. So I came up with the idea of offering a Leap Day Body Doubling Session! It may not be an all-day workshop, but it is something. And something is always more than nothing.

    So, on Leap (Bonus) Day, Thursday, February 29, I am offering a FREE Body Doubling Session from 12-1:30 pm ET. It will be divided into three 30-minute sessions, each focused on a different area of struggle for both myself and my clients.

  • To receive the Zoom link to join this session, email
  • Here’s to an ADHD-Friendly Leap Day!


Written by Patty Blinderman

To create content focused on leveling the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Patty shares research as well as tried-and-true practices and her own experiences in the hopes that it makes your life a bit more ADHD-friendly!

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