Spoiler Alert: Whopping 30+ Products Available NOW in the ADHD Friendly Store!

Whopping 30+ Products are Now Available in the ADHD Friendly Store! Preview of 2022 List

Oct 10, 2022

Spoiler Alert: Whopping 30+ Products Available NOW in the ADHD-Friendly Store! Preview 2022 List

My 2nd annual ADHD-Friendly Favorite Things podcast is coming up in just a few weeks (just in time for the holiday shopping season). My favorite products that are now available in the ADHD Friendly Store and I will be offering a preview of my 2022 list by reviewing a few of my favorites leading up to that episode, as well as some tips on how I use the products. (Check out the 2021 ADHD-Friendly Favorite Things podcast (episode #9) on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEjCfaR4M3gGWjuQZQUn2Yg/videos

Full disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate. As an affiliate, I am able to include links to my favorite ADHD-friendly products available on Amazon.com. This is a game changer for my business. Before becoming an affiliate, when my clients asked about specific ADHD-friendly products, I needed to copy and send links via text or email, which was time-consuming and clunky. Now I can simply direct them to my site: ADHDFriendly.com!

Today’s review is on my current favorite ADHD-Friendly time management tool.

On Patty’s 2022 ADHD-Favorite Things List!

JIL office Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard, 4 month planner (36″x24″ wall mounted board for office, home, and school) 

    • This is my favorite time management tool right now. I call it a “semester calendar” because I originally began using these time management tools to support my students to see their assignments throughout the semester. I quickly started using them myself when I saw how easily they create a longer time horizon by showing 4 months at a glance. Having used many variations of this “semester calendar” format, I have found the aluminum frame on this JIL model provides a sturdy base to write on and the surface is easier to erase than most others I have tried. It also comes with a small tray with room for dry/wet erase markers. And, perhaps even more importantly, it is magnetic. Being able to use magnets just ups the game and turns this into a powerful Time Management tool in an ADHD-Friendly toolbox!
    • Check it out at the ADHD-Friendly Shop: https://www.adhdfriendly.com/adhd-friendly-shop/ *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Patty’s Tips on how to use this

ADHD-Friendly Time Management Tool:

        • Using a WET Erase Marker (I love Expo’s Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers), fill in the dates on the calendar starting with the current month and continuing on to include the following 3 months. I use a wet erase marker for the dates because it won’t come off if you need to erase something (like an appointment that gets moved to a different date) and it won’t accidentally get wiped off while writing on it.
          • **Make sure you have the correct start/end dates for each month before filling in the next month. I have had the frustration of filling in the entire calendar only to realize I started with the wrong day of the week and had to erase it all and start again.
        • Using a wet or dry erase marker: Capture big events like birthdays, vacations, holidays, project due dates, and appointments for the current month and next 3 months that follow.
        • Every 2 months:
          • Instead of expecting myself to update this every month (which is tedious due to the need to update the entire calendar), I update mine every 2 months. If it is the beginning of the year, the 4 months shown would be January, February, March and April. Using these months in my example, here is my process:
            1. Since my calendar is filled in with the months going left to right, January and February would be on top and March and April on the bottom. At the end of February, I ONLY erase the top 2 monthly blocks (Jan. and Feb.). *If you used a Wet Erase marker, you will need a damp cloth to clean off your board.
            2. BEFORE erasing the bottom 2 months (March and April), add the dates and copy the information from those months to the top 2 month blocks. March and April are now the top 2 months on the calendar. (Alternatively, I have taken a picture of the entire calendar before erasing it, using the picture to fill back in the information from the top 2 months.)
            3. Erase the bottom 2 months (March and April).
            4. Using a Wet Erase Marker: Fill in the bottom 2 months (May and June) with the dates
            5. Add any appointments and other important dates to those months.
            6. Repeat every 2 months.

Remember, ADHD often impacts our Time Horizon (how far we can see into the future before we feel the urgency to start/take action). A person with a shorter Time Horizon will struggle to begin a task before it is right in front of them. A semester calendar helps to stretch time horizons further- so we can create that sense of urgency sooner.

Written by Patty Blinderman

To create content focused on leveling the playing field for individuals impacted by ADHD. Patty shares research as well as tried-and-true practices and her own experiences in the hopes that it makes your life a bit more ADHD-friendly!

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